Introducing the...

Conversation Foundations Program

Everything you need to achieve a conversational level in Spanish

  • Learn the right vocabulary
  • Gain the confidence to speak Spanish
  • Stay consisent & motivated
  • Train your listening skills
  • Stay consisent & motivated
  • Lots of speaking practice & role plays
  • Be part of a community of like-minded learners

Level 4, 5, & 6 (Conversation Foundations)

As you learn more Spanish and continue to develop your skills, the way you practice will need to adapt and change.

Our Level 4, 5, and 6 courses are part of a very innovate program that is all about developing the skills you need to have spontaneous conversations.

With a larger group size, we are able to offer TWO classes per week and flexibility scheduling where and you will be able to choose your preferred class time from a variety of options.

These courses only start 3 times a year (January, April, and September) to allow us to gather 15-20 students to go through the program together. You will be part of a tight-knit community that are constantly working together, encouraging each other, conversing together, even meeting up for extra practice sessions.

Unlock Story Courses as You Go

Between each group course, you will have a new Spanish Story Course to explore. The Story Courses always reinforce vocabulary and structures that are taught in the previous course levels while introducing new vocabulary that will be helpful at the next level.

Language Loss is Real
And even more so for beginners...

You've come so far with your Spanish in just a few months and you have a lot of learning momentum right now.

The problem is...

It only takes a few weeks to start feeling 'rusty'.

And after a few months, you may feel that you've forgotten everything you learned. :(

We understand that taking a break is important, but something even more critical is having a future commitment that will bring you back into Spanish before you lose everything you've learned.

Eliminate the risk of losing what you've learned by joining a program that will keep you active & engaged with Spanish and continue moving forward regardless of where you are in the world!

Your Courses Include:

  • Get immediate access to Spanish Story Courses to rapidly improve your listening & vocabulary
  • Consistent practice with 2 classes a week in small groups
  • Be part of our student community
  • Keep access to completed courses for 1 full year
  • Unlock new courses as you go through the program

The Conversation Foundations Program, gives you the flexibility to set your own pace so you can take a break when you need it and choose the date you'd like to join your next group class. With this program you can even REPEAT a course if you feel it would be helpful!